Beyond Security 3 Ways That Security Cameras Benefit the Transport Industry

January 24th, 2020

Being on the road can be an unpredictable experience, both for commuters and transit agency employees. Transport vehicles can encounter various difficulties and challenges on the road, and no immediate way to communicate the entire picture to their headquarters. One way to provide them with a layer of security would be to install surveillance protection to monitor threats and take immediate action.


However, the transport industry benefits from this kind of security in more ways. Specifically, transit agencies can also encourage productivity, deter more kinds of threats, and increase their appeal for value-added operations.


Monitor Productivity in Transportation


Like any other company, transit agencies can benefit from using surveillance to ensure their employees’ productivity. Information retrieved from security cameras can be used as resources when analyzing incidents and communicating these analyses across point persons. Based on these, the agencies can take better steps and more efficient instructions on how to deal with unexpected incidents. 


Capturing specific data, especially in industries that are always mobile and unpredictable, can provide a more structured approach to productivity. This can also be the basis for providing user experience. In this case, it can also be used to monitor ways to make operations more efficient and make the everyday experience better for transport employees in Waverly. 


Reduce Liability, Secure Evidence


Public transportation deals with several risks every time a bus or a train travels around Waverly. Thus, transit agencies need to be responsible for public safety and ensure that every safety measure has been taken.


Transit agencies aim to curb and deter crime and vandalism that may occur within the public transport vehicle. Video surveillance can assist passengers, especially those who are visibly in need of help. Additionally, video surveillance also helps defend against vandalism.


On a wider scale, having public security cameras can also defend against terrorism. This has two main benefits; the first is in deterring acts of crime, vandalism, or terrorism with the presence of surveillance. The second is to provide evidence of the incident after the fact, which may then be used for prosecution.


Track Advertising Value


Advertising in transportation already goes beyond sticker wraps around a vehicle in Waverly. More media companies are investing in utilizing the space in transportation for advertising purposes. The idea of always-on-the-go continually changes the way people can engage with advertising. More than visibility and frequency, advertising in transportation expands the creativity in which some ideas can be executed.


For transportation companies, the trick is to increase their value to appeal to media companies as viable investments. Security cameras installed in public vehicles can have a secondary function that can also benefit companies.


With security cameras, it becomes easier to track advertising effectiveness. Videos help measure the engagement of audiences with specific signage and displays. Advertising effectiveness can be tracked with video analytics, object counting, and heat mapping.


Iowa Surveillance Team provides video security systems in many vehicles, terminals, and other public areas, to further improve the safety and efficiency of transport systems and operations.