Four Ways To Prevent Burglars From A Nighttime Visit To Your Business

October 10th, 2019

When it comes to businesses prime time for burglars is between the hours of 10 PM and 3 AM according to the FBI crime statistics. It makes perfect sense. People are usually home or in bed sleeping. To protect your business once it is closed for the night you may want to consider installing some security equipment. When it comes to deterring theft and break-ins, today’s technology has a lot to offer and in many different price ranges.


To protect your business from burglary, vandalism or break-ins after you lock up to consider some of these crime prevention solutions.


  1. Video Monitoring:


Installing surveillance cameras in strategic areas throughout your business is an effective way to catch and deter criminals. You can even monitor the inside of the premises when you are not there. Suggest locations to place cameras include:


  • Around the outside of the building’s perimeter, especially near the entrances, exits, windows and parking lots
  • Inside near the cash registers, safes, inventory rooms, and storerooms
  • Electronics or records room


A mobile solution will allow you access to your camera footage and allow you to check on your business anytime from anywhere as long as you can connect to the internet. You can also set alerts to go off if unusual activity is sensed.


  1. Monitored Alarm System:


A key factor to keep in mind when selecting an alarm system is the monitoring center. This is especially important for off-hours monitoring or when you are not available. If the alarm in your business is triggered a signal is sent to the monitoring center. They notify you and the proper authorities. The benefit to a monitor center is your business is being watched 24/7.




Sensors are used to add an extra layer of security protection for your business. There are different types and they are used for different purposes:

  • Door sensors trigger an alarm when a door is opened.
  • Window break sensors sound an alarm when the glass is broken or the window is opened.
  • Image sensors are activated by motion and if someone is inside a monitored area will capture their image.


  1. Night Vision Cameras:


Most crime happens at night as burglars feel a sense of invisibility in the dark. This is where installing a night vision camera is a great option for any business. Using infrared technology these cameras can film any intruder no matter how dark the night is. It is also good to know that most cameras with night vision capabilities also work during the day as full-color cameras.


Effectively Deter Or Catch Criminals


With today's surveillance technology you can effectively deter crime or catch the criminal in the act. So if you are thinking of upgrading your old system or installing a new system, the Iowa Surveillance Team can help. Locally owned and operated we understand the needs of our customers and provide great customer service at reasonable prices.