Hotels Can Benefit From Having Security Cameras In These Ways

February 14th, 2020

Okay, before this post even gets started, let's clear one thing up. Nobody is talking about hidden cameras in bathrooms or bedrooms. Those would violate customer privacy and get the Waverly hotel owner in a heap of trouble. Rather, this article is talking about security cameras for hallways, dark stairwells, on the outside of the building, and in the parking lot. Those devices can prove to be helpful in a hotel setting in various ways.

It doesn't matter if the Waverly place is a 5 or 3-star establishment. All hotels, their employees, and their clients can benefit when surveillance equipment is in place. Several of those pros are going to be discussed right here. Therefore, curious persons will want to stay put and read on to learn all about them.


Enhanced Security Measures May Attract Better Clients

By installing surveillance cameras, the Waverly hotel is showing its customers that it genuinely cares about their safety and well-being. As such, people will want to stay at the location, and probably not those of the shady variety. For example, if a person is coming to the hotel with a prostitute or to buy/sell drugs, they are less likely to rent a room when cameras are around as their activities are illegal. Plus, with enhanced security measures, most people won't mind paying a little extra. Thus, with top-tier clientele, and a slight price increase, profits are sure to soar.


Keep A Lookout For Vandals With Security Cameras

When vandalism occurs at a hotel, it can happen to cars in the parking lot, to room windows/doors, air conditioning units, and even landscaping. All of these things could equal a ton of out of pocket expenses to the property owner. For one, they will have to contractors to fix the damage. The proprietor may have to purchase brand new items too. Additionally, if customers don't believe their vehicles are safe at the establishment, they won't stay there again and could post bad reviews online, which won't be good for business.

With cameras, the security team can watch live feeds as issues unfold. In turn, they can spring into action promptly when a vandal arrives, and hopefully, prevent the person from doing something foolish. The video can also be turned over to the police as evidence if need be. It will enable them to identify the suspect and make an arrest.


Ensure Staff Members And Renters Remain Safe

Dangers could be lurking around just about any corner these days. For instance, a rapist might hide in a dimly lit stairwell waiting for the right moment to strike as an unsuspecting victim approaches. Then again, perhaps a pedophile is hiding out in some nearby bushes, hoping for a child to come outside alone. Kidnappers could become part of the picture as well.

Not to mention, somebody might only be out to hurt someone else with violence. The list can go on and on and on. Much like with the vandals, your security team can stay on the lookout for any and all kinds of threats. Then, they can act swiftly to handle the matters on their own or contact the police department to get officers on the scene promptly. 


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