How To Reduce Theft And Shoplifting At Your Retail Business

August 17th, 2018

Deciding to open up any kind of retail business in Waverly, IA can be both fulfilling for you as a business owner, as well as fill a vital niche in any area, as you sell people things they may need or want. Unfortunately, doing this also means that you, as a business owner, have a very important factor to consider; security. It’s a fact that with the public-at-large allowed to enter your doors during your business hours, some of the people coming in may have less than honest intentions, and attempt to remove your goods without paying for them.

Unfortunately, shoplifting and other forms of theft are one of the major factors that lead to the loss of profit for small businesses. Even large retail chains are not immune to the dramatic losses incurred by theft, they are simply better to able manage the financial damage incurred. But if you’re not in that position with your Waverly, IA business then what can you do? You have some options!

Install Video Surveillance

This is probably one of the most effective ways to put a stop to retail theft and shoplifting. When you install a security camera system in your retail operation, you fulfill a variety of different security needs for your business in a single, cost effective solution. Security cameras act as a good deterrent against shoplifting, especially if they are prominent. People looking to commit crimes will, statistically, pass up an area that looks difficult in favor of an easier target.

Video surveillance also provides valuable evidence. A good quality camera, in color, can capture an accurate, sharp image of a suspect. This is excellent for investigative purposes, and as admissible evidence in court, or for submission for insurance claims.


This is a relatively recent development in the world of video surveillance, but an exciting one that is providing a lot of great results. Analytics is a comprehensive form of security software that actually “watches” the incoming feeds on activities throughout a store, and alerts the staff if any suspicious activity is occurring. The algorithms that monitor the footage have been trained to look for activities such as people taking goods and concealing them in their clothing or baggage, or people attempting to switch price tags to pay lower prices at the counter. It’s a great investment.

Fake Security Cameras

Another effective tactic for people that use security cameras is to deploy a “Trojan horse” in the form of fake security camera domes. When people realize that there’s “nowhere to hide” because security cameras appear to be everywhere, this provides even more deterrence potential, but at the same time is not as expensive as installing numerous cameras everywhere.

We Can Help

If you want to make sure your Waverly, IA retail business is protected with modern security measures, then let us know. Just contact Iowa Surveillance Team and explain what you want to see for your business. We can assess exactly what your security situation is, and advise on the measures that will give you maximum security coverage and more peace of mind.