Installing Security Cameras In The Office

November 9th, 2018

Many offices in Waverly, IA have security cameras to be sure that employees are conducting themselves in a proper manner. Office theft is an unfortunate reality, and when it comes to the amount of money lost to employee theft annually, the numbers are staggering. Placing security cameras strategically throughout work areas to cover as much ground as possible can help business owners discover unacceptable behavior. If you’re considering installing security cameras at your Waverly, IA office, consider these important locations for placement.

Title The Obvious Areas

When a customer enters your establishment, the reception area is often the first place they’ll see. An obvious security camera is not something you want them to be greeted with, but this is a good area for you to install one. Keep an eye on what’s happening, and keep your customers comfortable, by installing a hidden camera in this location.

Parking lots are an excellent area for surveillance due to the many hazards that can occur. Security cameras that can offer readjustment of the field of view, as well as those with number plate recognition, are especially preferred for full awareness. Cameras in the parking lot can also help you monitor the people coming and going at any given time.

The break room is the place that is visited by employees on numerous occasions through the workday. Disagreements can occur between employees during break periods, and security cameras can monitor the situation if things heat up. Using cameras that are hidden or barely noticeable can help keep employees from feeling unsettled.

The No-So Obvious Areas

Unfortunately, many businesses lose significant sums of money in the stock room or storeroom theft.  Having a security camera in the supply room is ideal for keeping your resources safe from pilfering. 360-degree surveillance monitoring in your supply room will not only keep your staplers and post-it notes safe from a rogue employee who helps themselves, but it can also bring justice to those who take the risk. 

If you have a dumpster where your office garbage goes out at the end of the day, you need a surveillance camera in the vicinity. People who steal from their employees will sometimes stash the goods in a dumpster and retrieve it later. Use a security camera that has audio recording capability to capture any criminal dealing that may be planned by employees who prefer to engage in illegal acts in this area.

Proper Placement Means Proper Protection

The security cameras that you plan to use in your Waverly, ((blog. state)) office should provide high-quality images and recordings. Knowing where to place the cameras in regards to lighting and other conditions is an important factor to consider. To ensure that your office is protected in every possible way, trust a company that has been in the business of security camera for years. S2M Solutions has the knowledge and the equipment to keep your offices safe and secure. Contact the Iowa Surveillance Team for more information on how to protect your business today.