Keeping Your Parking Lot Safe And Secure

June 28th, 2019

There is a familiar scene you’ll recognize from suspense and horror films that has been used again and again. A person is walking home from someplace else, it’s dark and they keep looking over their shoulder. As they walk by a parking lot, you see a shadow move in the night, and the pace of the walk begins to speed up right along with the music playing in the background. What does this scene tell us? Well, it shows that parking lots can be places that make us feel insecure. 

There are a ton of real-world crime scenarios that can be found in a simple internet search that show just how dangerous or strange parking lots can be. In one scenario, a woman was returning to her vehicle in a big box store parking lot, only to find a man licking and caressing the door of her car. While this bizarre scenario isn’t necessarily the norm, it just goes to show how uncomfortable an unsecured parking lot can be. 

How Can I Keep My Lot Protected?

If a person doesn’t feel safe parking in your lot, they’re a lot less likely to use it. Paid lots in and around Waverly, IA depend on tourists and residents using their lots to make a living. Stores depend on customers feeling secure shopping in their locations, and this includes parking in their lots. So how can you keep your lot protected? A few ideas include: 

  • Utilize video surveillance – Video surveillance is one of the most effective methods of protecting a car lot. Whether it’s thieves or criminals with violent ideas in mind, video surveillance will catch any wrongdoing on camera and provide evidence should a court case follow. On top of this, the presence of a surveillance camera may even deter criminals from carrying out their plans altogether, as they know they’re more likely to be caught. 

  • Signage – Signage around the lot that reminds those parking to lock their doors and set their car alarms can help drivers to check twice to avoid theft or vandalism. 

  • Make reporting easy – If you happen to see any suspicious activity around your Waverly, IA lot, make sure to report it immediately, and if users of the lot spot anything, make it easy for them to report as well. You’re not always going to be present at your lot, and those using it should feel as though alerting the proper authorities will be an easy task. 

Keep Your Area Lot Safe At All Times

With the security solutions on the market today, parking lots can be kept safe at all hours and from anywhere in the world. Using a professional security solutions company like Iowa Surveillance Team, you can incorporate just the security layers that will maximize the safety of your Waverly property. If you’d like to learn more about securing your parking lot, or the benefits that come with parking lot security, contact us for more custom tailored security information today.