Restaurants Can Make Great Use Of Security Cameras

August 6th, 2018

Customer safety is important for every restaurant. It’s the reason why chefs need to follow strict rules in the kitchen for cleanliness, cooking meat, and not touching the final product with bare hands. Employee safety is also a priority, which is why dangerous devices like stoves and fryers come with safety features and handling instructions.

However, there are other ways to keep customers and employees safe, ways that have nothing to do with the food. People can commit crimes in restaurants, especially if they’ve had too much to drink, and it’s important to have a system in place to prevent and respond to these crimes. An important part of this system is to have security cameras installed, but you need to do more than find a couple spots to install them if you want to make full use of what they offer.

Coverage And Lighting Are Key

Every camera has blind spots, places it can’t see because they’re too far to one side or directly underneath. Even a camera with a 360-degree lens can’t see behind pillars and other solid objects. One good way of placing cameras is by placing each one where it can see the last one’s blind spot until they all overlap. You should also remember to place cameras where they can monitor your parking lot and the kitchen areas.

Lighting is just as important, even if you get a camera with night vision for your parking lot. Vandalism, theft, and accidents are less likely to happen in a well-lit parking lot, and a regular camera with good lighting can take in much more detail than a similar night-vision camera. And while restaurant lighting tends to be dim, you can spot everything that happens if it’s consistent throughout the serving area.

Consider Hiring For Security

Most restaurants don’t need to hire someone to handle security full-time. However, certain bars, taverns, and pubs that serve a lot of alcohol and serve it late can end up dealing with a lot of unruly customers. At places like these, it’s helpful to have someone who can remove or escort a customer out and hopefully do so without anyone being injured or arrested. A bouncer can also monitor security cameras when not needed in the main room.

Keep An Eye On Employees

It’s not good to say, but employees are often the biggest thieves a restaurant has to deal with. Employees get more trust than customers, after all, and they can end up abusing that trust. That’s why your security system should also cover employee-only areas, and it’s why as a business owner you should do what you can to improve employee loyalty.

Security cameras should be part of a larger security system, including employees, good lighting, keeping the cash register as empty as you can, and securing the building with locks and an alarm when you close up. At Iowa Surveillance, we can help you bulk up your security system with the perfect set of cameras for your building and your customer base.