Why Your Grocery Store Should Use Dome Cameras

August 23rd, 2018

One good, reliable way to run a successful business that fills a need here in Waverly, IA, is to own and operate a grocery store. As much as we live in a digital world now, people still need to eat food, buy cleaning products, keep pets fed and cleaned, or just get a craving for snack foods, and the neighborhood grocery store is always the first destination to satisfy these needs.

But unfortunately, because of the way human nature works, when you have a location that has things people want or need, you are likely to attract people who will want these goods without paying for them. And that’s where dome security cameras come in.

Easier Security

It’s important to understand that security camera technology has rapidly advanced in just the last few years. That doesn’t just mean that the performance of security cameras has gone up, the costs of having good systems have gone down, including some of the associated maintenance costs! You don’t have to be a millionaire in order to afford a comprehensive dome security camera system for your store, it’s a lot more affordable these days than it was 20 years ago, in the previous century.

How It Works

Grocery store dome cameras consist of a few different components. There are the cameras themselves, which now have the option to be wireless, so they can be installed with more ease than ever before. There is the DVR, which stands for digital video recorder system, which is essentially just a hard drive storing the images from the cameras, and of course, there is a monitor system that can show you, in real time, what the cameras are seeing, or playback any footage that you want a better look at.

When everything is correctly connected and up and running, the cameras will constantly show you what they are looking at on the monitor, and the DVR will record the images. One of the nice things about a DVR system is that because it’s digital, owners no longer have to worry about replacing film or tape. Users have the options of “dumping” footage they want to keep to external digital storage systems, or simply let the DVR system delete existing footage to make room for more. It’s an efficient way for any grocery store in Waverly, IA, to keep a security system up and running.

Deterrence From Both Sides

The great thing about dome security cameras is that they act as both a deterrence and a valuable investigative tool. Better resolution means sharper images, so it’s easier to see details in the event that an investigation needs to be conducted. But better image quality also means that people are less likely to steal if they don’t want their likeness captured on a potentially high definition camera. And finally, with the ever-present threat of employee theft, cameras are a bit deterrent against that.

If you’re interested in getting more security and peace of mind for your Waverly, IA, grocery store, we can help! Contact Iowa Surveillance Team to explain your needs and we’ll find out the best way to address them.