Avoid Security System False Alarms With These Tips

August 16th, 2019

Many homeowners are looking for ways to keep their families safe today. Hiring a full-time body or security guard is pretty much out of the question. After all, obtaining those services can wreak havoc on one's budget. Luckily, some other options are a little more feasible, like installing a high-quality security system.

However, mishaps can happen on occasion, which can lead to the provider receiving a false alarm. Then again, the homeowner may get the alert as well since remote monitoring is common these days. This is especially true for first-time owners that are unfamiliar with all of the bells and whistles that their systems have to offer. So, if you are thinking about investing in one of these units, or already own one, read on to learn about some valuable tips for eliminating false alarms.

This And That About Motion Detectors

If your security system comes equipped with motion detectors, it is a good idea to be on the lookout for moving objects. Everyday items could cause a false alarm, resulting in you getting a phone call from your security company. When nobody answers, the organization may even send the police out to investigate the situation. So, to ensure that your household doesn't cry wolf, check for things such as...

  • Signs Hanging From The Ceiling Swinging Or Swaying

  • Helium Balloons Moving Throughout The Home

  • Blowing Curtains

  • Pets That Can Get Higher Than 5-Feet Off Of The Floor

  • A/C And Heating Vents Located Directly Above The Sensors

Use Your System Daily

This may sound like common sense advice, but you might be surprised to find out that many people don't use their security systems each day. Sometimes, they just find the devices to be too complicated and don't want to put forth the time or effort. However, much like with anything else, practice makes perfect. In other words, the more a person operates the system, the better they will get at the task, thus, eliminating many false alarms from the equation.

When it comes to businesses, they often have to train new employees on how everything works. As such, if the manager fails to tell the worker about opening doors or windows at a particular time, he or she may do so, causing a false alarm to go off. Hence, organizational leaders might want to put the system in standby or test mode before the newbie enters or exits the building.  

Always Double Check The Door

Door sensors can trigger a false alarm if the handle doesn't latch appropriately. So, regardless of how much of a hurry you are in, take a moment to lock the door and give it a once over to assure that it is secure. Persons will also want to check all of the screws of the door's hardware to make sure they are good and tight. Many times, burglars enter a home or office through an open front door. So, don't leave things to chance when safety and assets are concerned. Get a top-notch security system and practice using it to nip false alarms in the bud.

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