3 Safety Concerns for Senior Citizens Living Alone

April 19th, 2019

Growing old can sometimes be isolating.  You start losing friends, your family members move away or pass on, and before you know it you’re the only person left living in a lonely old home.  This is why many people choose to rent out their homes or move to assisted living centers in Waverly, IA as they grow older, but others are just fine living in a fully paid-off house for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, seniors who live alone expose themselves to security and emergency risks that younger homeowners and those who live with others don’t have to worry about.  Independence is important, but you shouldn’t let that importance stop you from taking precautions against the dangers you might face.  The following list has a few of the more common risks you’ll face and how to avoid them.

Household Injuries

When you grow old, your muscles and bones will both start to weaken.  Weak muscles mean that you’re more likely to lose your balance and fall, and weak bones mean that a fall can be much more serious than it would be if you were younger.  Other health issues can also cause accidents and medical issues while you’re home alone, including medication overdoses or bad reactions.  To handle these situations, it helps to have a medical alert system connected to a wireless remote or a health monitor you always keep on you.  Other ways to accident-proof your home include:

  • Placing non-slip mats in your kitchen, bathtub, and other places where you stand for long periods.
  • Add rails to places where you often find yourself having to catch the wall or avoid a stumble.
  • Clear your floors of tripping hazards like footstools, coffee tables, low shelves, and loose floorboards.

Mental Health

Even if you don’t have to worry about Alzheimer’s or dementia, your mental health may suffer if you live in isolation.  Humans are social animals, and we often suffer from things like depression and anxiety if we don’t have regular social contact with others.  The best way to prevent this is to make an effort to meet new people:  join a club in Waverly, IA, volunteer for a good cause, visit your neighbors more often, and so on.  Other people can also spot symptoms you didn’t realize were serious.


As you age, your reaction time slows down.  You may have trouble reacting to an emergency like a house fire or a robbery as quickly as you would if you were younger, so it helps to have some automated systems around that can react for you.  This includes things like a security system with integrated fire alarms and motion detectors, but it also means having an emergency preparedness kit handy in case something like a hurricane or a blizzard hits and you can’t leave your home.

Living independently is important, but so is living safely and comfortably.  If you’re a senior who lives alone in Waverly, IA, you should take some precautions so you can preserve your independence.  Live healthy, keep in touch with others, consider automated systems, and most important of all:  know your limits.