Avoiding False Home Security Alarms

May 10th, 2019

Having a home security system in Waverly, IA is a good way to protect your home, your family, and your belongings. However, instances of false alarms are becoming more and more frequent and ultimately cost homeowners a significant amount of money.

False alarms are emergency alarms that are set off unnecessarily. A false alarm puts into motion the same events that would occur if it weren't a false alarm. The alarm system company will try and contact you to verify the alarm. If the homeowner can't be reached, then the authorities will be called in according to the agreement in the contract. This takes valuable resources away from events that are not false alarms.

According to the ordinances in the city you reside, having too many false alarms can cause fees that can range between $25 and $200 per incident. Some cities also require that the homeowners register their alarm system and if they fail to do so, they may incur more fines.

How to Minimize Instances of False Alarms

To avoid these costly fees and avoid wasting valuable resources in Waverly, IA, there are a few things you can do to help minimize the instance of false alarms:

Understand How Your Alarm System Works

Many false alarms are often due to user error. It is recommended that you make sure that everyone in the household understands how to use the alarm system including knowing all the codes and passwords.

Clear Motion Sensor Areas

If you have a fan or a vent close to a curtain, then this movement can set off the motion sensors and trigger the alarm. Changing your décor or how your furniture is arranged can help keep this from happening. Make sure that the motion sensor areas are clear and have nothing that would inadvertently set off the alarm.

Manage Your Windows and Doors

Before you leave the home or set the alarm, make sure you secure all your doors and windows first. Keep them shut and secured until it is time to deactivate the alarm.

Have Pets?

If you have pets, you want to make sure there is no way for them to accidentally set off the alarm while you are away. A simple call to the security system company can lead to them calibrating your security system for the pets in the home.

Check in Often

If your security system is monitored, you will want to make sure you have their contact information available to you at all times. You want to be able to answer any calls you receive about a triggered alarm to determine if it is false or not. As mentioned earlier, missing this call can become costly for the homeowner.

With that being said, you also want to make sure that all of your emergency contact information is up to date and regularly check your system.

False Alarms - What to Do

If you are faced with a false alarm in Waverly, IA, have your passwords or codes ready for when the security company contacts you. If you are the one that triggered the alarm, contact them immediately yourself to report the false alarm. Doing so will keep the police from being dispatched and will save you some money while avoiding fines.