Don't Forget To Secure Your House When Taking Off For A Long Weekend

April 26th, 2019

Long weekends don't happen all that often, but from time to time, people are able to escape from their everyday lives for an extended period. They go camping, skiing, hit up waterparks, and more. However, there is usually at least one dreaded question that pops into the Waverly homeowners mind. It typically revolves around them asking their significant other if they remembered to do something.
If the answer is no, they sometimes, have to make a quick U-turn to head back home and lock the doors, windows, or turn an appliance off. Starting a holiday or mini-vacation in this way can be a big pain in the neck. It puts everybody in a grumpy mood for the time being, and sometimes, for the entire trip altogether. Hence, instead of having stress-free fun, the event turns into more of a nightmare.

Therefore, if Waverly, IA persons are planning a long weekend, they may want to make a checklist to prevent themselves from forgetting crucial things. After all, people can't be too careful when it comes to home security. Curious Waverly, IA residents should continue reading to discover some suggestions for the list.

Numbers 1 And 2 Revolve Around Your Security System

1. Set A Timer To Turn The Lights On And Off

If home automation is part of your system, consider setting a timer to turn particular lights on and off automatically. This action will make burglars think that somebody is home and make them think twice about breaking into the structure. If you don't have a timer, turn the lights off as you don't want to run up your electricity bill for no reason.

2. Arm The Security System

Don't get in such a rush to have a good time that you slip out the door without setting the alarm. However, with today's technology, many systems can be controlled through apps on smartphones. If this is the case, take a moment to pull your car over to a safe location and arm the system remotely. Burglaries happen approximately every 15 seconds in the United States, complete the deed, and with any luck, keep intruders at bay.  

Another Useful Suggestion

3. Check And Double Check Window And Door Locks

Homeowners don't want to make a burglars life easier by leaving a door or window open. Thus, check the window locks as well as those on doors to ensure that intruders have to work to get inside. Hopefully, by having to take more time to find a way into the house, a neighbor will spot the criminal and call the police.

Last, But Certainly Not Least

4. Take A Few Moments To Turn Electronics And Appliances Off

As with the lights, appliances and electronics can make the light bill skyrocket in a hurry when they are in use. Obviously, you do not want to cut off the refrigerator or freezer and have all of your food ruin while you're away, but if other appliances and electronics can be shut down without causing any damage, it is a good idea to switch them off. This act will prevent unnecessary electricity from being used. Also, it can cut down on instances of a malfunction occurring, which can start a fire.