Keeping Your Home Safe When Living Alone

February 21st, 2020

Most people, if not all, dream of owning their own home. After years of working hard and saving money, you have finally decided to take the opportunity. Do not worry because you are not alone. In the United States, approximately 36.48 million live in single-person households in 2019.


A Positive Change

Up until now, you may have been living with someone. It may be your parents, relatives, or friends. Now that you finally have a home of your own in Waverly, IA, you will have more freedom and independence. You can enjoy and do a lot of things.


Living alone is a huge step. It is a new chapter in your life that promises opportunities. Although it comes with benefits, it also comes with challenges.


Taking Safety Measures

One of the main concerns of many people in single-person households is safety. Since you are the only person responsible for your home, you will also have to take care of home security. No one will be there to lock up for you or call for help. Make sure you practice proactive safety solutions.


  • You can start by installing a security camera. It will serve as the lookout. It can help you monitor the activities inside your property even when you are away. Additionally, the presence of a security camera can deter intruders as they would not want to get their identities captured.


  • Consider getting motion sensor lights. Put them in every entry point and possible hiding places. Burglars tend to hide in the dark. Having these motion sensor lights can place them under the spotlight. Thus, you or your neighbors will notice their presence. It may also discourage the intruders from targeting your home.


  • Have extra security with a smart doorbell. Many burglars attack during the day. Since most people are at work or school, many houses are empty. Criminals take advantage of this. Meanwhile, some intruders invade houses after a resident opens the door for them. A smart doorbell will allow you to see who is at the door without having to open it. Some also offer a two-way communication system. So, you can find out who is ringing the doorbell before you let them in.


  • Install a home security system. There are various types of security solutions. Choose one that is suitable for your home in Waverly, IA. A complete home security system will provide you 24/7 protection. It will also alert you and local first responders in case a break-in or other related incidents occur. You can expect a security design that will help you deter theft, trespassing, and vandalism.


Trusting Professionals

Living alone is an exciting experience. However, it also comes with responsibilities. If you want to strengthen the line of defense of your home in Waverly, IA against intruders, get in touch with our team. We offer customized solutions that are fit for your needs. Contact Iowa Surveillance Team now for more information on how to secure your home.