Kitchen Safety Is Essential

October 17th, 2019

Your kitchen is an important part of your home.  Even if you don’t use it often because you eat out or bring cooked food home, you’ll be going in and out of your kitchen frequently.  The kitchen is where you keep food, plates, utensils, and pots, and it’s also where you get water and cook food.  Kitchens are also the number one source of fire since ovens, stoves, and cooking, in general, are the biggest causes of house fires.  The right kitchen safety features can keep both your family and your belongings safe.


Upgrade To Smart Appliances


Smart appliances can connect to your home wireless network to send information to your smartphone, and you can send instructions right back.  You can set a smart coffee maker to start a fresh pot that will be ready when you get home, or you can set your oven to preheat when you head home with a ready-to-bake dinner.  With smart appliances, you can check whether you left the stove on even after you left, and you can turn it off if you forgot.  You can also connect your normal appliances to smart plugs that let you turn them off completely.


Set Alarms


The kitchen windows and any rear doors should be part of your overall home alarm system, but there are a few alarms you can and should add to the kitchen specifically.  A smoke detector is both essential and mandatory, so make sure you test it every few months to make sure the battery still works.  Smart appliances can also help with alarms since they can warn you if they’re malfunctioning or open.


Add A Security Camera


Security cameras on the outside of your home can be very effective at deterring burglars from targeting your home.  Cameras on the inside let you monitor your kids, babysitters, and so on.  A camera in your kitchen gives you a chance to see what your young children do if they get into the kitchen or cabinets unsupervised, and you can see whether you have to worry about your pets or not.  A security camera can also show you whether your stove or oven is on.


Follow Smart Safety Precautions


  • Nothing flammable should be kept anywhere near the stove.  This includes paper towels, oven mitts, wooden spoons, and so on.
  • Don’t leave the stove unattended.  Frying food should be constantly watched, and boiling food should be timed and regularly stirred.
  • Turn off and unplug appliances when they aren’t in use to avoid sparks and power drain.
  • Don’t cook while wearing loose or flowing clothing.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen near the stove.


Your kitchen is an important room in your house, but it’s also a dangerous room thanks to the big electronic appliances, heat sources, fire hazards, and dangerous cleaning chemicals.  That’s why you should install safety features for your kitchen and follow good safety guidelines when you’re cooking or using the appliances.  For more ideas on what safety features you can add and what brands and models would make the best additions to your kitchen, contact the Iowa Surveillance Team today.