Surprising Ways To Use Security Cameras

January 31st, 2019

Almost every business has a surveillance system today. With crime rates and violence being the way they are in society, they can't afford not to have the equipment. Heck, it seems like every time a person turns on the news now, they hear about a store being robbed, a school shooting, or a home invasion. On many occasions, just having the devices and signs posted around the property is enough to deter criminals. However, sometimes, the individuals choose to break in any way.

When this happens, the security cameras are useful for capturing clear images of the robbers, license plates, and hosts of other things. Then, the police can use the recording to find the suspects and get them off the streets. Business owners can utilize the equipment to monitor employee actions. The cams help cut down on items such as...

Employee Theft

Sexual Harassment



In a lot of instances, the security cameras can even assist the property owners in saving a buck or two on insurance costs. Numerous insurers have programs that provide people with discounts for making their land more safe and secure. However, there are other surprising ways to use security cameras too. So, stay put and read further to learn all about them.

1. Watch The Parking Lot

Parking lots can be dangerous places with threats lurking in the dark shadows. Customers and employees alike can be victimized in such an environment. Installing security cameras to monitor the situation provides them with the peace of mind in knowing that somebody is watching their back. If a problem occurs, the observer can notify the security guards and police to stop the act quickly. Plus, the video will serve as evidence that shows what really happened. In other words, it eliminates any chance of a he-said/she said type argument from taking place and reveals the guilty party's actions.

2. View Gauges

While using security cameras to monitor gauges may sound a bit unorthodox, it can prove to be useful. Often, businesses have pipes with temperature or pressure gauges on them raised in the air. Sometimes, they are in the rafters of warehouses, which can be 20', 30', or higher. Employees have to climb ladders or ride lifts up to get the readings. This is a dangerous game as one wrong move could lead to them falling to the ground sustaining injuries, and nobody wants to become entangled in a workers' compensation lawsuit. So, think about installing a wireless security camera near the valve and make getting the data a breeze.

3. Monitor Cleanliness

When a building is not being kept quite as clean as it should, patrons are likely to start doing their shopping elsewhere. After all, if the store is not neat and tidy, there could be germs hiding everywhere, which can lead to the customers falling ill. Security cameras can help the organization make sure that spills are not left unchecked, debris is not lying in the aisles, and the workers are keeping the structure clean as a whole.