Why Your Dog Can't Compete With A Security System

June 7th, 2019

Many people get dogs because of the love and companionship they offer. Others also get a dog for the protection and security they can offer the home. A dog will typically bark when someone approaches the home or the door, and that barking alerts the homeowner.  

While this is a good security measure, your canine companion is just one layer of protection. A home security system will prove invaluable for your home and can keep your belongings and your pet safe. 

Benefits of Owning a Dog 

While your dog shouldn't be the only form of protection you have for your home, they definitely do come with their own set of advantages. For example, dogs can be loud, hard to spot, and they can bite. This is a pretty big deterrent for any would-be burglars who might attempt to break into the home.

Instead of risking harm or being noticed, when a burglar sees a dog at the residence, they will more than likely move on and find a new target that would be easier to enter undetected. 

Security System Fire Protection 

A security system offers more than just burglar protection for the home. While this is definitely a primary reason for investing in a security system, this benefit just scratches the surface. In addition to protecting your home against burglars, it can also protect your pet, family, and home from fires. 

Over a million fires have been reported, and those fires have caused several thousand deaths over the years because the homeowners didn't have a warning or system to let them know that there was danger. 

You can choose a fire detection system that works separately or in conjunction with your current security system. It allows 24/7 monitoring of the home so you know that if a fire were to break out, the authorities would be notified as quickly as possible. 

Other Benefits of a Security System 

In addition to the fire protection your home security system offers, you can also have access to several other life-saving benefits as well including: 

  • The ability to detect gas leaks like carbon monoxide. This kind of leak not only causes damage to the home, but it can also put you and your pets at risk and can be life-threatening 
  • Alerts you to the presence of burglars and break-ins. The security system will detect someone entering the home and alert you and the authorities immediately 
  • It can also notify you of serious water damage and drastic temperature changes 

Making the Investment 

Investing in a state of the art security system for the home is just one step you can take in the right direction to protect your family and pets and keep your belongings and property safe. It offers life-saving advantages so you can rest assured that everything is safe [Symbol] even when you are away from the home, and your pets may be home alone.