School Security Points to Consider For The Year 2019

May 16th, 2019

With each new year for Waverly, IA school administrators comes a need for new security measures. Whether it’s in the classroom, in the hallways, or in the parking lot, it’s crucial to protect all authorized individuals on school grounds in order to provide a trustworthy and safe environment. With each passing year also comes new smart technologies, and new considerations for Waverly, IA staff members in order to protect today’s modern schools.

The Top Considerations For A Safer Modern School

Today’s Waverly, IA schools are smarter and more connected than ever. The considerations to take to ensure school safety in this new year and beyond are:

  • Advancing your visitor management – While unwanted or unauthorized guests on campus may not have been as large a concern 15 years ago, this is certainly not the case today. Schools cannot afford to have unwanted guests on their campuses and to ensure schools are kept safe visitor management must be advanced. School security offers should know exactly who is on campus, where they are, and what they’re up to while spending time on school grounds.
  • Analytics for video surveillance – Traditional surveillance systems are great security tools, but they’re made even more effective when combined with analytics. Full integration between video surveillance and analytics allows a streamlined approach to the safest video security. These analytics are able to discern between objects, analyze behaviors, and classify safety applications. In a school setting, this can alert safety officials to exactly what is happening on their premises.
  • Incorporating remote access control – Remote access control is one of the best advancements in security in recent years. A hosted access control allows school administrators to monitor the school premises from anywhere and at any time. While physical eyes can only be in one place at one time, remote access allows eyes to be everywhere all at once. For school events that occur after-hours, security personnel can keep eyes on all entrance and exits to monitor who is coming into the school at all times. Your remote access control enabled system may be accessed using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Keeping Your Security Updated This Year And For Years To Come

With each coming year, it’s important that area schools assess their security and how they can keep up with modern advancements for the most secure schools possible. When new security solutions are integrated with one another, they create streamlined security processes that work hand in hand in providing a safer and more comfortable school environment.

As each new year comes, and each new security assessment is done, you’ll find that new technologies are developed all the time to continue to improve Waverly school security. Like any technology in today’s modern age, these advancements come quickly and are more user-friendly than ever. By taking a proactive approach and analyzing these pieces of technology, you can see which security concerns they may solve, and how they work together to provide the safest possible school environment.