Why Your School Needs Surveillance Cameras

November 21st, 2019

Nearly 80% of public schools in the United States reported a violent incident on campus. This shocking statistic highlights the importance of school security. One of the best measures a school can take is to implement a surveillance system. Surveillance cameras can help staff monitor the entire campus without having to be in multiple places at once. They can also help act as a strong deterrent against violence. If you are looking to protect your local public school from all these threats, surveillance cameras maybe your best option.


Can My School Afford A Surveillance System?


Before we get into how surveillance cameras work, we have to address the fact that most schools are already operating on a limited budget. Sadly, in the face of so much violent, many school districts have had to leverage already tight budgets to help pay for stricter security programs at the cost of other programs. Fortunately, modern surveillance cameras systems are extremely affordable and very easy to use. So they won’t eat up a large percentage of the school budget to implement.


Aren’t Surveillance Cameras Intrusive?


School is a place of learning and you don’t want to distract children by making them feel like they are always being watched. However, modern cameras are smaller and more discreet than their predecessors. They can be installed all over a school’s campus without making children feel uncomfortable. Also, for those who are worried, there are strict laws against placing surveillance cameras in private spaces like bathrooms and locker rooms. So they will only be present in spaces that are appropriate.


Why Are The A Great Option For My School?


Most schools have oversized classrooms and limited staff. It is very difficult for teachers and administrators to monitor the safety of all the children. With a surveillance system, the entire school can be monitored from a single point. Allowing staff to focus on their primary duties, but also trusting that children out of their eyesight are safe. Surveillance cameras also protect schools after hours when staff presence is limited.


What Are The Benefits Of Having Surveillance Cameras At School?


There are so many things that surveillance cameras can help with including:


  • Act as a deterrent against crime including violence, theft, and vandalism
  • Protect students against bullying
  • Notify staff of emerging threats like active shooters and kidnappers
  • Help provide evidence during a conflict between students or students and teachers
  • Help control who is on campus at any given time


Surveillance camera systems are also very easy to operate and most of your staff can be trained in how to monitor them.


Surveillance cameras are one of the best security features to help protect our students. At Iowa Surveillance Team, we specialize in school security. We can help you implement a surveillance camera system that is both comprehensive and meets your budgetary needs. We’ll work with you and your entire staff to find the best system to protect your school. Give us a call today to speak to one of our experts and learn more.