4 Problem Areas To Monitor In Apartment Complexes

June 14th, 2019

Security can often be an issue in a Waverly, IA apartment complex.  With so many people living close together and so many open areas between buildings, there are many ways for burglars to sneak in and many opportunities for residents to steal from each other’s apartments.  Then there are issues like vandalism, car accidents, property damage, and so on.

All this means that security monitoring is essential in any apartment complex.  However, you can only stretch your security budget so far, so it’s important to set your cameras carefully and focus on the most problematic areas.  That’s why most residential property managers in Waverly, IA focus on problem areas like the following.

  1. Parking Lots

Parking lots are a point of access to your apartment complex, both for drivers and for pedestrians who come in from the sidewalk.  Parking lots can be busy places with lots of stress and possible accidents during rush hours, and overnight they can be empty, quiet places where people make illegal deals or perform crimes.  For all of these reasons, it’s a very good idea for apartment complexes to monitor as much of their parking lots as possible.

  1. Garbage Bins

Garbage isn’t always just garbage.  Someone unscrupulous can look through a neighbor’s garbage for credit card applications and personal information so they can commit fraud.  Apartment residents will also illegally dump furniture and other large objects that the garbage collectors will only remove for an added fee.  Placing cameras that can see the garbage bins will let you see who’s rooting around and who’s trying to get rid of their old TV or sofa.

  1. Common Areas

“Common areas” can refer to a lot of different locations.  It could be a shared dining area, a workout room, a swimming pool, a laundromat, or just the hallways that connect each apartment in a single building.  However, in each case these common areas get a lot of foot traffic throughout the day.  There are opportunities for petty thieves to grab what they can, for tenants to get into arguments, and for all kinds of other crimes to occur.  A few strategically placed cameras can both catch perpetrators in the act and deter people from committing crimes.

  1. Entrances

Many apartment complexes have a fence that goes completely encloses the property.  Even those that don’t only have so many spots where cars can enter their parking lots, and it can be very useful to have a camera pointed at each entrance.  An HD camera can record the license plates of every vehicle that comes in and out, and that can be very useful if a police investigation or lawsuit needs to establish alibis and people’s locations.

Running an apartment complex comes with a lot of challenges, and security is near the top.  That’s why most residential managers in Waverly, IA work with local security companies to create a solid surveillance and alarm system that can prevent and stop crimes, or at least bring the perpetrators to justice.  If you run an apartment complex, consider whether your surveillance system is able to meet your needs.