How To Use Smart Tech Safely At Home

April 17th, 2020

More homeowners in Waverly are opting to combine smart technology and other solutions for their security systems at home. Admittedly, security cameras still lead the pack and set the foundation of the system. From there, homeowners can build up their equipment, adding motion detectors and other accessories to create a more stable cornerstone of security.

Be Discerning With Remote Features

Remote features appear to be a good addition to security cameras, especially for homeowners who are always away from home. However, there are downsides to using them. Remember: for you to be able to use remote features, your camera will need access to the Internet so it can send footage. 

On the other hand, there is the possibility that disabling remote features can affect other functionalities, such as alerts from movement detection. This could then lead to the camera not working and syncing with other smart home devices that help with security.

Determine Which Functions Are Necessary

Router technologies offered in Waverly often include features that allow them to cater to more clients and security needs. However, for home security, some may not be as necessary, depending on your security setup. Some routers are equipped with Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and port forwarding, which are additional assets if you need one device to find another device within the network.

Unless you have a special system in place, it is best to disable those features as a default. In homes, it is best to separate security applications from other types of media. Avoid integrating the two so that your security system will be focused solely on its purpose.

Know The Legal Issues That Come With Security Camera Installment

One’s home is considered a private sanctuary, and as such, it’s easy to assume that anything that occurs within its grounds is acceptable. However, there are laws that security cameras need to adhere to, even when they are placed within a residential property. For starters, installing security cameras in your Waverly home should never jeopardize your privacy.

What this means is that hidden cameras are not advisable, even when they are installed outdoors. State laws will differ in terms of what is allowed to be recorded, so make sure that you are aware of them and that your security provider understands them.

Laws against hidden cameras are there for practical reasons as well. The goal of security cameras is to act as visible deterrent for robbers and similar threats. Seeing a house with a security system in place will discourage a person from pushing through with their plans of trespassing or breaking in.

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