The Importance Of Camera Positioning In Home Security

April 24th, 2020

When it comes to home security, one of the most popular choices for residents is the installation of a video surveillance system. With the simple addition of security cameras, you can add protection to your property and family. 

Defending Your Home

Residential areas are among the common targets of burglars. However, many individuals think that the key to hindering a burglary is keeping all entry points sealed as much as possible. Although that may help, having another layer of defense can play a role in preventing a crime from happening in the first place. 

Research shows that security cameras can discourage intruders from committing a crime. The presence of surveillance cameras can ward off criminals. Aside from burglary, it can also be a preventive measure that can stop other property crimes.

Camera Positioning

A video surveillance system is a good crime deterrent. However, its effectiveness relies on a good strategy. Seasoned burglars nowadays scout homes so they can determine if there are security measures in place. They may look for vulnerable areas so they can attack without any complications, so you have to be strategic in installing security cameras.

  • An obvious location for a camera is the front door. Contrary to what some people think, burglars do not look for a complicated way to get inside a home. A study shows that a lot of convicted burglars break in through unlocked doors. If you are living in a single-story house in IA, install a mesh wiring around your security camera. Make sure it covers the entire entrance, and check if it has a clear view of the front porch and a part of the adjacent walkway.


  • If you have a back door, see to it that you install a camera there. A lot of people forget to secure the back area of their property, so criminals often take advantage of the situation.


  • Another popular entry point for burglars is the window, so secure that area too. Place a surveillance camera in windows facing alleyways and other places where there are fewer passersby.


  • One vulnerable part of your home in Waverly, IA is the garage. Crooks often target parked cars. They may use remote garage openers so they can get access to your home. Install a home surveillance camera that monitors the driveway. Make sure the placement minimizes the blind spots that intruders can take advantage of to commit a crime successfully.

The Right Solution For You

Most burglars choose a home that they consider an easy target. The best way to protect your property in Waverly, IA is to have a strategically placed video surveillance system. You may also benefit from high-quality security equipment.

If you need access to high-definition security cameras that will give you 24/7 protection, it is best to consult a reliable security solutions company. You may even purchase one that allows remote access. Our team is ready to provide customized home security that will serve all your needs. Contact Iowa Surveillance Team to learn more about our services.