What Do You Know About Your Infrared Security Cameras?

September 12th, 2019

In literal terms, the word “infrared” means below red. This refers to the type of radiation or light the camera uses to capture images, and with the right expectations in mind, this makes a highly satisfying addition to any security strategy. In either commercial or residential applications, infrared security cameras do an effective job at furthering the safety of your property. In the wide world of CCTV, infrared cameras are one of the single most misunderstood elements. 

All too often, individuals watch crime shows or spy movies and get a pretty inaccurate impression of infrared and just what infrared cameras can do. What they expect is a camera that is able to show full thermal images right off the shelf, or a camera that produces crystal clear night vision as if footage was taken in broad daylight. While this might be what is shown on television, this isn’t often the off-the-shelf reality. Keeping your expectations realistic with infrared camera systems lets you know what your expectations should be, and how you really can benefit from the installation of infrared in and around your commercial or residential space. 

The Benefits Of Infrared

There are a number of realistic benefits that come with infrared security cameras. Some of the biggest and most beneficial of these benefits are: 

  • They’re affordable – While infrared cameras of a couple of decades ago may not have been affordable for residential homes or small businesses, things are changing rapidly in today’s modern world. Today, infrared cameras are more affordable than ever, and this is largely why you are likely to see them more often in all sorts of security applications.
  • True discreet recording – If discretion is something you’re prioritizing in your security, it doesn’t get much better than what infrared systems have to offer. Cameras require light to capture images in low-light or nighttime situations, and these floodlights can really pinpoint the exact location of your camera systems. The light used by infrared security systems is invisible to the naked human eye, but still produces high quality images.
  • Energy efficient – Infrared cameras use LED lights that last much longer than typical lightbulbs, and use far less energy. This is perfect for residences or businesses that want to lessen their carbon footprint, or who are tired of replacing lightbulbs regularly. If you’re looking to move your security solutions into a greener place, infrared is a great place to start.

Clearing Up The Misconceptions

While your infrared security cameras may not perform like they do on TV, that doesn’t mean they don’t bring a great deal of benefit to your space. Keeping your expectations realistic shows you all of the great benefits your infrared cameras bring to your security, whether its these benefits or any others that may surprise you along the way. If you’re looking into upgrading your security solutions with infrared, we can help. To talk to our professionals about what infrared cameras may suit your desired use best, call us at Iowa Surveillance Team today.