What To Look For In Your Motion Detection Camera

July 9th, 2019

Everything you invest in will come with certain expectations. For those in Waverly, IA, this can mean expecting a truck to be able to haul heavy loads and drive well in inclement weather. A TV should have a clear picture and great sound. A smartphone should be reliably fast and make crystal clear phone calls. These expectations are natural, and they’ll come along with just about any Waverly purchase we make, big or small. 

So what about motion detection cameras? These come with their own expectations as well, even though many in the Waverly, IA area might not know exactly what those expectations are right away. Whether you’re looking to secure your commercial property or your residents, it pays to know what to look for. 

The Expectations To Consider

Knowing what expectations to consider will make sure you’re getting the most from your Waverly motion detection camera purchase. These expectations should include: 

  • Allows for easy activation and deactivation – A motion detection camera that does not allow you to activate and deactivate the unit at will is a motion detection camera that isn’t worth your time or investment. Turning the camera on and off should be something that is completely within your control, and you should be able to do so at any point you please. Some of today’s technologically advanced motion detection cameras may even allow you to activate or deactivate your motion detection camera unit remotely using a simple application on your smartphone or computer. 

  • Easy sensitivity adjustments – Motion detection cameras will vary in terms of sensitivity, but the best should allow you to adjust the sensitivities easily and without worry. If you live in a busy neighborhood you’ll require a different sensitivity level than the business located far off the beaten path on a local back road. Additionally, the sensitivity you might require on Halloween with residents walking around the neighborhood will be different than what you need on a normal quiet Tuesday night. 

  • Sends you notifications – If someone is getting close to your entryways, your motion detection camera should be able to give you a notification. This is a feature found on most modern units that may not have been available a few years ago, but it should come as an expectation today. 

Getting The Best Camera For Your Money

Investing in a motion detection camera is an important thing, and you’ll want to feel like you’ve received the very best for your money. At Iowa Surveillance Team, we can break down the mystery surrounding motion detection cameras, and lead you to the unit that will best fit your particular security needs. There are a number of expectations one should have in their security system, each layer with its own requirements in order to work best together. If you’d like to learn more about motion detection cameras of today, security layers for your property, or security technology in general, contact us at Iowa Surveillance Team with your questions or concerns today.