Avoid These Surveillance Failures By Hiring Professionals

February 6th, 2019

Avoid These Surveillance Failures By Hiring Professionals

As a property manager or landlord you are aware of all the expenses that occur on a daily basis on your property. In an effort to provide safety for your tenants and save a little money you may decide to install a security system yourself. However, what good is a security system that does not keep you safe? DIY installations have a range of issues from technical problems to not covering the most important areas. If you are thinking about DIY, read this first!

The Downside Of Self-Installed Security 

Everyone wants to save money and there are a multitude of different security systems you can install yourself to do just that. However, to do so you must be knowledgeable in wiring, understand that you will be drilling holes in the walls and making modifications to the existing structure. If you have installed the system incorrectly, then you have to deal with redoing the wiring and possibly adding more holes. So in addition to aggravation of installation that may be incorrect, here are some more negative aspects:

  • Limited Warranty:  Once the warranty runs out any repairs or replacements will be charged for.
  • Minimal Support: Technical support is not available for home security systems and you are responsible for any repairs that may occur.
  • Add-ons Are Expensive: Should you determine you need more areas monitored you will have to pay for each sensor, camera, or upgraded feature.
  • No Direct Connection To Police: One of the main reasons you want a security system is to have first responders there fast. This is one of the greatest negatives of not having a professional installation.

Surveillance Fails On Self-Installed Security 

Should you manage to install your home security system, there still may be issues you encounter. Some common mistakes and fails managers and landlords make include:

  • Not placing the cameras where they are needed
  • Camera lenses that do not provide a clear view
  • Angled incorrectly that limits your range of vision
  • Using wide angle lens incorrectly and not in zones that will yield useful images
  • Placing camera in an area that violates your tenant’s right to privacy. 

Benefits Of a Professional Security System

The biggest benefit to professional versus self installed is time. You don’t have to waste your time to install the system and deal with all that entails. For most property managers or landlords time is money and there is never enough time to deal with all the issues that occur on a daily basis on rental properties. There are several other benefits including:

  • Determining what is the best set-up for your needs.
  • A professional handles all the installation
  • A professional provides training for all your staff
  • Professional systems can provide 24/7 monitoring and if needed, dispatch first responders in case of break in, fire, or medical emergencies
  • Technical support monitoring from a professional system reduces the likelihood of the system failing when you need it most

Peace of mind for both you and your tenants in a secure environment is important. Considering all the costs of a DIY system, the upfront costs of a professionally installed security system will more than pay for itself over the years. Always talk to a security expert first to learn more.