Common Mistakes When Installing Security Systems

March 27th, 2020

Any home in Waverly will always carry the risk of becoming a target for burglary. What separates those who may become victims is preparedness for the act. In other words, it’s good to take extra precaution when one deals with break-ins. You would not want your sacred place to be in danger, right?


When you are installing your security system, make sure to avoid this common pitfalls. These may be the difference between a peaceful sleep every night and the constant danger of being someone else’s next target.


Opting For Low Resolution Cameras


Security systems will always be a big investment for homes, even when it acts as a background protection. When choosing a security system, some homeowners may assume that they can just choose the most basic and cheapest option available, since it is more for monitoring than actual prevention.


In terms of home management and protection, a visible camera and a deliberate security system set-up can already act as a first line of defense against threats. When a security system appears to have been thought out through proper layout, burglars who case their next target are more likely to avoid your home.


Never underestimate the power of a threat to another threat. Burglars will always pick an easy target if every other aspect is the same or consistent among the population. Make sure that your house exudes a vibe that will discourage burglars from even trying.


Placing Cameras and Sensors in the Wrong Area


Another way that this issue can manifest is when households opt to skip putting any alarms or safety precautions on the second floor. Because of the height of the area, some assume that they are safe from break-ins that will occur straight up to this floor.


In reality, small mistakes, such as keeping windows and doors on the second floor unlocked can be one of the major weak points of a house, especially at night. Experts suggest that the second floor may be a good place to put some motion sensors as an extra measure.


Any opening in your home in Waverly can be a weakness. And for determined burglars, especially those who have already scouted your area and decided on your house, they are likely to have studied how to get inside--by whatever means necessary. Remember, there are so many ways for burglars to break into your house that the typical methods of climbing and picking locks should not be overlooked.


Forgetting to Consider Line of Sight During Installation


Normally, installation is left to the pros because they take into consideration some aspects of the setup that would otherwise be easily missed in do-it-yourself projects. Case in point, the line of sight is an easy to miss factor that can have a major effect on how your security system will work.


One thing to remember is that installing control pads should not be in the line of sight of the first floor window. Burglars know a lot of the techniques in the book, and one of them is to try and see whether the system is activated or not.


Most of the other deterrents, such as stickers of security system proof or the cameras that are strategically placed in the home will no longer mean much if this is the case. In the event that your system is turned off and burglars see it, chances are your house in Waverly will likely increase as a target for break-ins.


Want to make sure that your house is protected from burglars? Get help from professional security system providers like Iowa Surveillance Team. The advantage of tapping professionals is that they will first survey the best possible protection for your house before conducting any installations. Best of all, companies with years of experience have the advantage of what works in the industry and can give you the best options to avoid break-in threats in the long run.