Modern Security Solutions for Todays Healthcare Facilities

November 8th, 2019

Protecting your healthcare facility is a big job. While it is important that the staff can move freely and that patients are cared for, it can be a nightmare of inefficiency, not just in the processes and safety, but also costs. Daily hospital logistics include staff moving throughout the facility, patients being relocated and families keeping up with the changes. Add to that the need for staff to access medical records and patient medications. One of the most overlooked ways of improving the day to day operation and flow of information is the use of security as a solution.


Results Of Insufficient Security At Healthcare Facilities


Most hospitals have an open door policy, except for rooms that need to be secure. We have all heard or read stories of data breaches, nursing staff being attacked and other security issues that can occur in hospitals and emergency rooms. Where there are gaps in security, it places the entire building, staff, data, and patients at risk. There are some crimes that are completely preventable within a healthcare facility that has security.


Crimes At Healthcare Facilities


Research suggests that hospital workplace violence is a serious concern. Studies have shown that emergency nurses are victims of verbal and physical abuse at over 54% of their work hours. Some nurses never even report the abuse. Hospital parking lots and garages are the primary location for physical and sexual assaults and yet usually have poor lighting and insufficient security cameras. Hospitals also need to look at asset protection. It is vital that not everyone has access to data, medications, and supplies.


Benefits of Security At Healthcare Facilities.


The implementation of modern security offers impressive solutions to safety, improved operational efficiency and patient care. When used properly it can result in a substantial return on investment. A multifunctional system results in smoother operation, increase in quality of care and reduced costs. As biometric and analytical technology continues to improve they are even more crucial part of healthcare facilities. Biometric technology identifies individuals who are under surveillance and analytics gathers and analyzes the data. When used with a security camera, they provide critical information to reduce crime and improve care.


Using Security Surveillance to Secure Healthcare Data


With the use of digitized healthcare records, another issue and challenge faces healthcare facilities. Cyber criminals can easily access patient’s personal information if they have not been protected. To ensure patient records are protected the following is recommended:


  • Install access controls
  • Use thermal technology to monitor important areas 24/7
  • Make sure all medical devices are encrypted so critical data cannot be accessed.
  • Install HVAC systems and monitoring equipment.


For a hospital to be safe, efficient and meeting all HIPAA regulations, good security technology can provide solutions for many issues.  A healthy and safe workplace in the hospital should be a priority. Iowa Surveillance Team is locally owned company who can help provide for your security needs. We understand the needs of our community and provide onsite demonstrations, custom security solutions for any budget and training.


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