Overcoming Low Quality Security Footage

March 20th, 2020

Your security system in Waverly is only going to be as good as the equipment you are using. This means that your system won't prove to be as effective if you are only offered low-quality security footage.

You need to have a crisp and high-quality image that you can hand over to authorities if something were to happen. They can't do much with a blurry or grainy image on a low-quality camera.

Outdated Equipment

With all the new technology we have available these days, it is hard to consider someone having low-quality footage on their security cameras. However, it does happen for several reasons. One of the biggest of those reasons is having outdated equipment.

If you have older 1MP cameras, then they will not offer you the resolution you need to deliver high-quality footage. For improved image quality, you want to have 2, 4, and 8MP cameras. Keep in mind, with higher resolution, you will also have to have ample storage available.

Inadequate Storage

Since many CCTV cameras are continuously recording, they require a massive amount of storage space to hold all the footage it is grabbing 24/7. This becomes even worse when you add more cameras that will then begin recording even more information. To help with your storage problems and to get higher quality footage, you should have an external hard drive to help improve your recording capabilities.

Improper Lighting

Another cause of low-quality security footage is inadequate lighting. The cameras need to be in the right light to capture the best footage. The light can also be supported by IR capabilities as well. To ensure proper lighting, install your security cameras where there are floodlights or other kinds of LED lighting that can better illuminate the area in which you are recording.

Spotty Internet Connection

Additionally, if you have a weak or spotty internet connection in Waverly, this can also interfere greatly with your image quality. Not only can you lose quality, but you may also find that the images are intermittent. Your speed and connection will also significantly decrease as well.

Overcoming These Common Issues

So, what can you do to overcome some of these issues and attain higher quality security footage? It may be time to explore your options for more updated security cameras. You may also want to see how your current internet speed may be affecting your cameras as well.

Doublecheck your bandwidth and storage capabilities, reevaluate your lighting, and update your security cameras. You will quickly find that those grainy and blurry images are a thing of the past. You will instead have access to high-quality images without all the headaches.

Not sure where to get started or have questions on which security system is right for you? Contact the experts at Iowa Surveillance Team in Waverly, IA for more information.