Public Surveillance Fosters Strong Communities

July 19th, 2019

Nowadays, public surveillance is very commonplace. Once upon a time, it was associated with “Big Brother” but the more we integrate with technology, the more comfortable we become with having public surveillance. With this level of comfort increasing, we’ve been able to see the massive benefits of public surveillance in our communities. Here are the many ways that public surveillance fosters a strong community.

Surveillance Cameras Help Crime Rates Go Down

Criminals are not stupid, they know that if someone is watching they will get caught. The mere presence of surveillance cameras can deter crime like theft, vandalism, and even violent acts. Some communities have seen a 40% reduction in criminal activity immediately following the installation of public surveillance. That reduction can make a huge difference in the daily lives of people.

Safe Communities Are Pedestrian-Friendly

Surveillance cameras don’t just deter violent crimes, they also deter small crimes like traffic violations. People are less likely to speed, run red lights, and blow through stop signs if they know they are being watched. With safer drivers, pedestrians and bicycle riders can feel secure enough to explore the neighborhood. More foot traffic helps neighbors spend more time together and builds a stronger sense of community.

Safer Communities Are More Fun For Residents

Less crime means businesses can grow and residents feel safe to enjoy themselves. Safe communities have thriving parks full of children and families playing. They have busy shopping and restaurant districts with people enjoying their free time. Safe communities can also hold large public events like farmer’s markets, concerts, and parades without worrying about public safety issues. The safer the community, the better life is for everyone in the community.

Safe Communities Keep Their Residents

No one wants to live in a dangerous area. Danger makes communities difficult to live in at all times. Residents have to constantly be on guard and are riddled with worry and fear that they will get attacked or their property stolen. When neighborhoods start going in decline, residents begin moving away to areas where they don’t have to worry. Sadly, this becomes a Catch-22, because as residents move away, these communities become more dangerous because no one wants to live there. 

How To Get Started In Your Community

Many people think that public surveillance requires working with the city government to help implement. However, businesses and residents can take the lead themselves. Place security cameras outside of your homes and offices can help you get all these benefits for your communities. In some neighborhoods, people work together to create a small network of shared surveillance. As the simple presence of cameras can be a deterrent, you can contribute to public surveillance with your own system.

The Iowa Surveillance Team can help. We’ve worked with communities across the region to implement public surveillance. We offer affordable, state-of-the-art surveillance systems with full installation and support. Our expert team will work with you, your business, and your neighbors, so that your community can enjoy all the benefits of safe living.