Get Help From Professionals When Installing Your Security System

December 19th, 2019

When it comes to security, a lot of companies in Waverly, IA choose the DIY approach.  You can find plenty of surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and other security features online and at home improvement stores, so why not save some money by buying and installing them yourselves?  The reason why not is because security companies can add value and extra layers of protection that you won’t get from buying a few security products on your own.


Product Consultation


Security companies have been in the business of installing and monitoring security systems for years or even decades.  They’re familiar with a lot of the products on the market, including how well they live up to the marketing, how reliable they are, and whether they’re priced right for what they do.  Security companies also know which features are useful for your business and which ones are just wastes of money.  By consulting with professionals, you’ll be able to make the most of your security budget by choosing the most reliable, useful, and cost-effective features for your Waverly, IA company.




Another service security companies offer is system installations.  Some people may be able to handle installing their own electronic locks and running wires throughout their building, but not everyone has that level of construction experience.  Security companies do have that experience, plus they have insurance policies that can cover costs if an accident happens.  In fact, if you don’t own your building your property manager may require you to use a security contractor instead of installing things yourself.




Security systems can be a lot more effective and efficient when you connect all the different features together.  For instance, you could have a camera by the employee entrance set to record only when someone unlocks the door with their keycard, or you could install an intercom and camera by the entrance so people can only get in when they ask your security staff for permission.  Integration also make it easy to control the whole security system from a secure app on your phone or a single location in your building.


Monitoring And Maintenance


After the system selection and installation is over, you can set up a long-term contract with your security company to monitor the alarm system and come back regularly to inspect and maintain all the features.  The company can keep track of your system 24/7, and this lets them contact you and the authorities immediately if something sets the alarm off.  A speedy response can help prevent a burglar from stealing too much and stop a fire before it damages all your property.


While you don’t need a security company to install a security system in your business, professional help can make your system more effective, more efficient, and more reliable.  So when the time comes to upgrade your existing security, consider consulting with the professionals.  And if your company is in Waverly, IA, the best professionals to consult are the experts at the Iowa Surveillance Team.  Contact us today to find out what services we have to offer.