Video Surveillance Security Tips to Help Your Business

December 13th, 2019

We all know the incredible value of having a security system for our business in Waverly, but are we fully aware of all the ways video surveillance and our security cameras can really help the business? Today we will go over a few tips and benefits to a video surveillance system.

Monitor the Stockroom

No matter what industry you are in, it is likely that you have an area that you consider space for holding inventory and keeping supplies. These are areas that should be monitored in order to help prevent internal theft. It is also a good way to find a better way to manage your supplies.

With the right video surveillance system, you can monitor your inventory, keep track of all of your supplies, and even monitor the safety of the employees as they work.

Keep a Close Eye on Entrance Points

Many locations have back door access that is seldom watched. Just because your customers don't use this entrance, doesn't mean that it is an area that can be overlooked. Video surveillance helps you monitor these kinds of prime targets that burglars use to gain access to the back areas of your business, where you hold inventory and even money.

The security cameras allow you to closely monitor who is coming and going and also ensures a safer working environment. For example, the employees may feel safer knowing there are cameras present that are being monitored when they accept delivery.

Monitor Cash Handling

If you are concerned that you are missing the money from your bank deposits or you want to prevent unauthorized discounts and other suspicious activity from happening in your business, then video surveillance can help. Having cameras around POS terminals and anywhere else the cash is being handled will give you the evidence you need.

Deter Criminals

Having security cameras and video security around your business is also a good way to deter criminal activity. Even if you have a few dummy cameras around, you will find that many criminals will move on to a new target out of fear of being caught on camera. However, real security cameras are always recommended over dummy cameras to make sure you have the footage you need in case something does happen on your property.

Tips to Remember

When placing your cameras, make sure they are being installed in sensible areas that require monitoring like the office, stockroom, POS terminals, and all entry and exit points. You should also ensure that you have more than sufficient lighting for the inside and outside of your business.

Finally, when installing your security cameras in Waverly, IA, make sure to position them in a way that allows you to capture those wider angles for more video surveillance coverage of your property.

It is also recommended that you use Cloud solutions for your video storage needs due to the increased storage capabilities and accessibility of this kind of video surveillance storage offers.

For more information on video surveillance and how you can protect your business, contact the Iowa Surveillance Team in Waverly today.